Rogero CEX-4.30 v1.02 (con PlayStation Home Fix) + multiMAN

                                        Rogero CEX-4.30 v1.02 (con PlayStation Home Fix) + multiMAN

 Rogero acaba de lanzar el pack Rogero CEX-4.30 v1.02 (con PlayStation Home Fix) + multiMAN ver 04.10.00 + Showtime 04.01.208. En esta actualización se corrigen diversos errores, como el bug "Corrupted Data" que algunos usuarios reportaban al instalar desde el modo recovery. También se incluye el último multiMan publicado por Deank. 

 Rogero CEX-4.30 v1.02 Details - The fix is now Pre-patched in the PUP itself. - Fixed the bug of "Corrupted Data" on installation from Recovery encountered by some users. - Added the Cinavia Disabled files into the PUP. - Updated multiMAN to the latest 04.10.00 build in the package. - Added the new simple to install PlayStation home fix to the package too. - Compatibility problem with some PS3 models is now fully fixed. - XMB Icons problem from in-game PS button is now fixed. - PSN/SEN access is available as long as the current "passphrase" still the same. - Loading games from App_home Icon is now fixed. - noBD and noBT patches are applied to allow installation on consoles with broken BR drive or Bluetooth controller. - It was tested by hundreds of testers on all PS3 models (FAT & Slim) and no problems were encountered. - It can run games signed with Keys up to version 4.30 without any Eboot/Sprx patching needed - Games can be loaded from Disc Icon (with Original game in BD) and from app_home (Disc-less, but not all games). - Current 3.55 homebrew applications can't be loaded on this CFW, applications must be re-signed properly for FW4.21/4.30

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