The Homebrew Channel funcionando en Wii U

El Team fail0verflow ha publicado un video en el que muestran en funcionamiento la popular aplicación de la scene de Wii, The Homebrew Channel, instalándose y funcionando en Wii U. Por ahora no hay fecha de publicación.

Tras el volcado de la nand a más tardar hoy, es razonable asumir que las cosas van a salir más rápidamente de lo esperado. Texto original:

 We finally have a YouTube channel and we thought we’d kick things off with a little teaser: Keep in mind that this is purely a demonstration at this stage. Depending on how things progress and what direction development takes, we may or may not release something like this in this form. Please don’t ask for release dates. We’d rather spend time investigating the new system than putting together a release that may or may not end up being the Right Way to do things in the future . Please ignore the blue blinks. The monitor kind of sucks at syncing to component video sometimes. I would’ve used HDMI, but the Wii U cannot output analog audio simultaneously with HDMI (at least not for the Wii U menu part), and I cannot capture HDMI audio.

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