WiiFlow 4.1.2

Publicada  una nueva actualización subiendo la  versión a  4.1.2 de WiiFlow, el atractivo lanzador de copias de seguridad y homebrew para Wii desde SD o USB.

  • fixed a fatal bug that you cant see your wii games on first boot
  • fixed plugin music doesnt work if you dont have background music normally
  • fixed custom missing covers doesnt work properly
  • rewrote parts of the alphabetic sort system, now the plugins in the plugin menu are also sorted
  • added support for korean wii games (use it with neek or a korean wii)
  • removed the press b on channel icon to switch to emu nand and back, this is now done on the fly by just selecting NAND as partition, of course this function is still completely disabled for neek users ;)
  • removed the ios and force cios load options from the ini so they are only settable in the wiiflow startup menu from now on, that should stop wiiflow with mixing up ini and nand save options
  • added a ini option to disable the source menu, use_source (enabled by default)
  • finally added a "Back" button to the startup menu
  • added plugin subfolder cache file creation to prevent overwriting on same filenames based on the coverFolder option in plugin inis, "subfolder_cache" in "EMULATOR" domain, enabled by default (thx matt0620 for base patches)
Descargar WiiFlow 4.1.2

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